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Thriving Doula

For pregnant women of  who have a fear of being a victim of the maternal health system  and not being heard.

Thriving Doula's support mentally, emotionally and physically is done with education and honesty that helps empower women to know what they want and accomplish it.

Know your rights.

Know what you deserve.

Know when to say no.

Nalishia Fairley CD (TWK)
Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem NC

Thank You


Hello and welcome! My name is Nalishia Fairley but you can refer to me as Nala. I am a certified birth doula that has a passion for encouraging, empowering and supporting women. As well as snuggling babies. My biggest goal for every client is that after our journey together, they have started a new chapter in their life with confidence and knowledge no matter what the outcome was.

As a birth doula I support women mentally, emotionally and spiritually through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I do not do anything medically but I do prepare you for birth in any situation. Knowledge is power and during your birth, you and your baby say what goes.

Once I became a doula I noticed how much I really love teaching women about birth and just how to allow your body and mind to become one with it rather than fight against it. So with the partnership of my amazing doula friend, Jaden we have created the childbirth education class, "Birthing Under the Sun: Come Thrive with a Doula."

To add to my birth doula title, I am also a Placenta Encapsulator.  I am a true believer in the placenta being just as beneficial to mama as it is to baby. I have  a love for what I do as a Placenta Encapsulator because I know that being a mother means we have to take care of ourselves first before we can do for others and consuming our placenta gives us that balance to give our bodies a great head start into the journey of motherhood.

Last but not least, this is a title that I have gained a love for during my time a becoming a doula and that is a Birth Space Designer. This is probably the first time you have heard of this and that is because I believe I am the first to do it. At least in North Carolina I know for sure. But with this new found passion, to get a better understanding, you can think of me as a interior designer but for your birth space.

Please feel free to look into my services and see what all I have to offer! Thank you for considering me as your Thriving Doula!!

Reasons to Hire a Doula

  • Knowledge and understanding of what happens to the body during pregnancy, labor and postpartum.

  • Mental preparation for the effects of birth.

  • Learn how to cope with the pain of birth.

  • Lessen the chances of needing an induction.

  • Lessen the chances of needing/ wanting an epidural.

  • Lessen the chances of needing a cesarean.

  • Having someone to speak to without the fear of judgement.

  • Support for mother and partner.

  • Be taught the questions to ask to get the information you need from your provider.

  • Be taught how to advocate for yourself.


Service Location

My services will reach out to the families that are in North Carolina. I will be able to support those in the cities of Greensboro, High Point and Winston Salem. I also travel to Burlington and Mebane.

With a traveling fee, I will provide services as far as Chapel Hill and Charlotte. Don't let those locations steer you away, I also offer my services virtually but even if you don't feel comfortable with that, the doula community is very strong and I will find someone to support you.

Hospital Births
At Home/ Water Birth
Birth Center

As your doula I am able to support you at any of these locations. As long as there are no restrictions at your hospital of choice, I will be there to assist you and if there are any restrictions I will help you virtually.
It is believed that doulas usually work with women having unmedicated vaginal births but that is not always the case. Birthers have choices in what way they want to deliver their baby, rather that be with an epidural, unmedicated, a water birth or in their home. No matter what I will be there to support.

Our first introduction to one another will simply be a meet and greet. This time together will be to see if we are a great fit for one another and will address each others wants, needs, and how you expect your birth experience to go. Get started by clicking "Meet" down below to schedule an in person or virtual coffee date.


Prenatal Visits

Discuss Needs

Delivery Support

Nalishia is a natural nurturer. She gave me the strength and empowered me to give birth to my baby the way I want to.


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