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Support Packages

As a doula I have a true passion for supporting teen moms and their families. Please understand and respect that if you are not 19 years of age and younger then the Teen Package is not for you. Instead my prices are the way they are because whomever is not a teen will be helping me comfortably create a low priced sliding scale for teen moms. Help me support our future generation so there will be less fear and more empowerment.


Essentials $900

  • Prenatal Visit x 2

  • during these two hour visits we will be creating a birth plan, going over your birth rights, educating you about what happens to your body during labor and creating a postpartum plan.

  • Birth support: 20 hours

  • Postpartum Visit x 2 

    • each visit will be two hours long. Postpartum care is very important to me so these visits will be all about mama. We will focus on your mental state and how you are adapting to being a new mom for the first time or all over again.

  • On call starting at 37 weeks gestation 

  • Emotional, mental and spiritual support/ education/ resources

Recommended to first time moms, moms that are not from the area and moms that have never had a doula before. 

Essentials Plus $1100

This package includes the same as the essentials package including: 

  • 2 extra prenatal visits

  • 10% off of add ons 


Recommended to first time moms and those that are considered "high risk."  The extra prenatal visits are great to have at your providers office to make sure we find the right match for you. 

Virtual Essentials $700

  • Virtual Prenatal Visit x 2

  • Virtual Birth Support

  • Virtual Postpartum Visit x 2 

  • On call starting at 37 weeks gestation

  • Emotional, mental and spiritual support/ education/ resources

Recommended to those are not in the local areas I provide services to or those that have the max amount of support people they can have at their birthing place due to COVID. 

Add Ons

  • Belly Casting =  $80 

    • $150 with paint design

  • Belly Binding: = $150 - includes teaching the use and the price of the bind (1 hour)

  • Infant/child education and CPR = $150 (2hours)

Add ons are assessable to all packages but are discounted for the Essentials Plus Package. 

Just Birth Support $600

This will strictly be in person support during birth. There will be no prenatal or postpartum visits. But there will be information and resources provided.

On call starting at 37 weeks gestation

Recommended to experienced  moms preferably those that has taken a childbirth education course.



I accept full payment as well as payment plans with a deposit of $250 due during the signing of our birth agreement. The balance has to be paid off by 37 weeks gestation.

To see more in detail what I offer, click here.

Teen Package

Over time during my journey of being a doula I have noticed that I tend to connect a lot with energies that I pick up as pure or innocent you can say. I know it may come off as odd to say that a pregnant teen is innocent but when it comes to the world and the system that runs it, they are. They are not aware of what they are truly up against because of the short time they have been earthside. When a teen mom decides to keep, carry, deliver and raise their child, who am I to not prepare them in every way possible. Because of that I want to be someone that can guide and educate them. I can let them know how they are just as important as any other pregnant woman. Teen mothers should be cared for just like any other mother.

You Deserve: Teen Package - $600

  • Prenatal visit x 2

  • Birth Support: no more than 20 hours

  • Postpartum Visit x 2 

  • On call starting at 37 weeks gestation 

  • Emotional, mental and spiritual support/ education/ resources 

If you are a teen or a parent of a teen and know that you are not able to afford my services, please let me know. I do offer a sliding scale I am willing to work with you.

I will be offering my services probono for one teen quaterly ( every 3 months) throughout the year.

Be on the lookout for all of the amazing things to come...

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