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Homebirth Support 

A homebirth is when a mother gives birth to her unborn child outside of the hospital or birth center. This can be done in the comfort of their own home, a family member's home or any location they feel safe and supported.  For-medical care the mom will be serviced by a midwife, either a CNM (certified nurse midwife) or a CPM (certified professional midwife). Whoever is chosen is based on preface and when supported by one or the other there is usually no need for an OBGYN. A lot midwives that support homebirths require their patients to hire a doula to fill in the support that they know that they will not be able to provide. 

Please understand that a doula does not take the roll of a midwife and will not perform any medical duties. 

What comes with Thriving Doula?

Birth Pool

La Bassin Maxi birth pool comes with everything needed included. Spacious enough for mom and partner/support person. 

Two Doulas

Thriving Doula is in a homebirth support mentee phased and is being mentored by Blue Moon Doula. Two doulas for one!

Discounted Extra Services

Rather you want to do belly binding or placenta services, they will be discounted when being supported by Thriving Doula. 

Inverstment: $1300

Within my two year span of being a doula, I have supported 30 plus families (and still counting) where all but one have been in the hospital, but I have gotten to the point where I really feel like the empath in me really wants to support families that want to give birth in their home.  Because I am fully aware that this is not the smoothest transition I have partnered  with Blue Moon Doula to mentor me and help guide me to provide the best support. 

In this service package, here is a list of everything that will be included:

  • On call 24/7 at the signing of the contract

  • Three (3) in person prenatal visits

  • Weekly, biweekly phone/ FaceTime chats to check in and get to know you better

  • Preparation guidance (education emails, supply list, resources)

  • Birth pool and full setup included

  • Two doulas: ​​Thriving Doula will be who you speak with mainly and attend the visits/birth but Blue Moon Doula will be right there providing guidance. ​

  • 15% discount on belly binding or placenta services

  • Two (2) postpartum (1 in person, 1 virtual) 

For us to be a good match the requirements are that you must have a prenatal care, low risk and sign agreement with paid deposit within the first week of second trimester or sooner. 

Payment plans are welcomed and accepted. Full amount should be paid within 36 weeks gestation.  $200 deposit is required at the signing of the agreement. 

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