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About Me

My name is Nalishia “Nala” Fairley and I am a certified doula. I was trained by Kira Kimble among eight other beautiful women. My services will be offered in Greensboro, High Point Winston Salem and surrounding areas in North Carolina. I have always been a natural nurturer ever since I was a little girl. I enjoyed feeding, diapering and caring for them. You can call me a “mini mama.” I always knew that I wanted to be in the field of birth work, rather it being with animals or humans.

Now being a mother I want to do nothing but help women find the power and strength within that comes with bringing a human being into the world. I did not have a doula for the birth of my son and now being one I know what I missed out on and what could have been done differently. Though I had my very supportive boyfriend and mother there, they are not trained on how to advocate for me and that was what I needed most. After being in labor for 21 hours and delivering over an 8 pound baby unmedicated, I knew that it was my calling to be that advocate for others.

When I become your doula I will be by your side to support you, educate you, and provide you with the sources and tools you need to have a successful labor experience.

Having a doula apart of your support team lessen the chances of a c-section, needing epidural and most of all being overlooked as just a number. I have never been a person that's been afraid to stand up for the people that I care about and those that deserve it. As your doula I will defend you when it is needed, educate you when you don't understand and help guide you into parenthood.

We Are Better Together

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