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Birth Pool Rental

Hydrotherapy: a form of physical medicine using the therapeutic application of water in a variety of ways,  both internally and externally, on the body. 

Women have been giving birth to their babies in water for centuries and it is the go to for a natural pain reliever. Most birth centers provide birthing pools and now hospitals are adding it to the delivery rooms as well. 
Purposeful Planning (210 × 297 mm) (8)_e
Purchasing a birth pool is for those that plan to give birth at home. 

It is advised to create a team of a doula (s) that have experience with water births and a midwife especially if you have been diagnosed as "high risk."

If you stray away doing a water birth because of the fear that it will harm your baby, of course nothing is guaranteed, but it is actually a smoother transition for baby when coming from womb to earthside. 
Birth pool rental: $175
  • big enough for mother and partner
  • professional grade
  • comes with everything needed for set up
Birth pool liner will need to be bought separately. If a liner is not purchased there will be a cleaning fee of $100. 

For Thriving Doula to set up the pool there will be an extra fee of $50. 


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