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Birth My Senses

I am sure that your doula, your provider and of course content creators have told you when it comes to packing your hospital/birth center bag to pack what makes you feel comfortable and at home. Most of the time that includes some fluffy socks, your favorite pillow and maybe a candle warmer, but why stop there?

Birth My Senses is a service where I am welcomed into your birth space to design it to make it feel like YOU. Think of it as hiring an interior designer to decorate your she cave but instead it is the space where you will be going through the journey and transitions of bringing your baby earthside.

Giving birth in a hospital can come off too cold and sterile, don't get me wrong I understand that many choose to give birth in a hospital but of the safe feeling of knowing professionals are around for "just in case." But that does not mean that it can't be comforting and beautiful.


Imagine being in labor with your birth team in a room filled with the scent of lavender and eucalyptus. Soft serene music is playing as you sway your hips through the contractions. Every direction you look there are pictures of those you love and affirmations that were made just for you.  The dimness of twinkling fairy lights dance around to keep your spirits high. And as a reminder of the life you are bringing into the world, there are pots of greenery giving you that breath of fresh air.

Paint me a Picture

Birth My Senses Package


Within this package you will be receiving a

  • complementary consultation

  • time spent shopping

  • 2 hours or less for set up

  • travel an hour or less to birthing space

The payment of this package just covers services, it does not cover the cost of items that you will want purchased to be in your birthing space. The average budget of usually ranges from $50 (mostly using things that you already have) to $150 (buying more new items). 

Birth My  Senses provides services in hospitals, birth centers and homes.


There is as $150 non refundable deposit that is required to begin services. If I have to travel over a hour to your birth space there will be a traveling fee added to the total.

I do advise for you to request the space that you will be laboring in the longest be the space that you will like to be designed. If you rather have both places just to feel that secureness at all times, there will be an extra fee for designing both spaces. 

During the consultation we will discuss what you are looking for and what your shopping budget will be which needs to be paid up front. If all of the shopping funds are not spent, you will be refunded the amount is left. 

If I am your birth doula and you hire me to design your birth space please respect the fact that while I am designing your space I will not be able to support you during labor so it would be best for me to come in the early stages of labor.


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