Hello you can call me Nala

Let's meet and greet while enjoying some coffee, I prefer hot chocolate. Once you contact me we will schedule a date that is best to learn one another. Think of it as a first date, prepare all the questions you have about me as a person and what I will do the same for you. The next steps will be discussed during us getting to know each other. Just scroll down to reach out to me and we can get started.

What Can I Do For You?

After we get all of the questions out of the way, it is time for the part I think is most important. Tell me what you picture you laboring and birth experience to be like. Where would you like to deliver your baby, who would you like to be there? Do you fully trust your doctor/midwife to respect your wishes? What is it that you need from me, what made you reach out to me? It may seem like a lot but this will not be the only time that we will discuss all of this . The consultation is only the first time that we will be talk about your birth plan.



Depending on the package you choose you will receive 2-4 prenatal visits from me and 2 postpartum. Our prenatal visits will consist of us again talking about your birth plan which will we finalize before you enter the delivery room. We will also practice some laboring positions that will help with pain and the pressure of contractions. If you have a birthing partner its best that they are attending these visits as well because they will be.



A lot of people get confused about exactly what a doula is and does. A doula is not a medical professional, therefore I will not be there to catch the baby, check your cervix, or even inform you on the baby's health. My job as your doula is, simply put, to support you in the process of delivering your baby.

That means when you feel pain or pressure, I will be there to help lessen it without medication. When the doctor and nurse is speaking to you in medical terms, I will be there to help you understand what is going on. And when it seems like the doctor is telling you something rather than making it sound like you have an option, I will be there to let you know that it is your body/baby that they are doing this too and you always have a choice. I will be your voice when you feel like you don't have one and I will also make sure that your partner isn't just sitting on the sideline unless that is a choice.