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It Takes a Village

Prenatal Visits

No matter what package you choose I will visit you during your second and third trimester. The first visit will consist of coming up with a birth plan. We want to make sure that delivering your child(ren) will be almost exactly how you want it. I say almost because delivering a human being isn't something that can necessarily be planned. The birth plan is more so for the medical staff so that they will respect your wishes.  It is best to let all of your potential doctors see it before delivery day.

The second visit will be completely focused on teaching mother and support system different techniques and positions to make delivering baby more tolerable.

Being a Parent

Child Education

This course is an addition to the extra prenatal visits. It will be an in home or virtual visit but strictly about child education. I will answer any questions you have pertaining to baby after the course is done so make sure to take notes. The course will include

  • Holding baby

  • Feeding (bottle or breast)

  • Burping

  • Swaddling

  • Sleeping positions

  • When to take to doctor

  • Changing diaper

  • Bathing

  • Car seat safety

What You Are Leaving With

Take Aways

I know that some people will look at the price tags  and wonder what all they are paying for but it is easier to show than tell. Most of what I provide are services, such as supporting during birth, before and after. My work isn't just physical, my goal is to build a relationship with trust and respect.  After all is done you will learn that a lot what I educate you on isn't just for birth but it is knowledge that you can use for the rest of your life in order to protect yourself and your family.  To top it off I will gift you with a blend of your personal postpartum tea, enough for 5 servings to get your body in the right direction for healing! 

Details Please

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