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Doulas and Mamas

Doulas and Mamas

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Doulas and Mamas is a community project of mine that is very fragile and new. Ever since becoming a doula, and even before, I love the idea of doing things for the community but I always wanted to do something that was different from everyone else with my own little spin on it. That is how I came up with Doulas and Mamas. It is a bi monthly (or monthly, like I said it is still new) virtual event where a panel of five to six doulas discuss topics about being a doula, what we do and how much of an importance we really are to the birthing community. Think of it as an educational conversation amongst doulas, other birth workers and mamas.

As I stated before, this is an event for the community so currently I am keeping it local. Anyone from anywhere can attend but the panel will only have doulas that work within the Triad Area speaking on the topic of the event. The goal of this project is for more people to become educated on what a doula is, for every mama to know that she deserves a doula and how to go about hiring one. I want everyone to know that a doula isn't just for the "rich" and that there is a doula out there for everyone. 

To stay up to date to know when to attend these events, follow me on Facebook and Instagram. And don't worry if you can't make it, there will always be a recording of our chat on my YouTube channel linked below. Double click on the slideshow and 

If you are interested in subscribing, click here to fill out the form so you will get a recurring email of the zoom link for every event.

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There is no event for the month of December 2021

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