Behind The Scenes

Becoming a doula was one of the easiest choices I have ever made. I have been wanting to be a birth worker since I could remember. It started with me wanting to be a veterinarian that helps deliver wild life. Unfortunately there isn't a field specifically for that, so then I wanted to become an Obstetrics and Gynecologist. My mind set was that I could do more than deliver babies. I can help women of all ages learn their body, learn to love it and not be afraid of it. But once I got older and had to do my regular checkups, then getting pregnant, I realized that an OB doesn't play as big as a role as I wanted to in someones life. When visiting a doctor there isn't always enough time to discuss some of your fears, some general questions that you may have or go into detail about your baby. Most women tend to leave the doctor with more questions that they came with which is why there are such a broad spectrum of birth workers to help fill in those gaps. Doulas find you answers while building a relationship and that is why around 2017 I knew exactly what I wanted to do and in 2020 I finally made it happen and became a birth doula.

Though my journey hasn't been long I loved every bit of it and I know that this is the best decision I have ever made besides having my son who is my business is named after. Thriving isn't just an adjective I use to describe what kind of doula I am, it describes my son, my relationship, my family. My son's middle name is Thrive and it sounds weird if you don't know the dedication that his father and I went through to be where we are today. The same way I didn't let the love of my life down, my son or my family I will do the same for you. Standing by your side as your doula.

We are better together